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By giving flowers you bring joy to people..
By giving flowers you bring joy to people..
Door-to-door delivery
Door-to-door delivery
Door-to-door delivery in Tallinn only 3.90€
Run out of the time to congratulate your loved ones?
Run out of the time to congratulate your loved ones?
That´s not a problem, we will do it for you.

About us

The main goal of our work and, of course, the most creative part of this process is arrangement of flowers, including on order, which are performed by our young creative florists.

The formula for the success of each of our bouquets is the client's idea, multiplied by the imagination and technical execution of our experienced florists.

/ @lillelett
/ @lillelett
+372 5911 1063
Sirje Samofalova
Where to store flowers?
Where there is no direct sunlight, where it is not hot and no frost. Flowers cannot stand drafts. Also, sudden changes in temperature ...
How long do flowers last?
It all depends how we take care of the flowers ourselves. Whether we change the water, update the cut, etc.
Do flowers need to be cut?
For sure. Refresh the cut of the flower before placing it in the water. The cut renewal helps the flower to feed off water. The part ...
How often should the water be changed?
Every day. Do not spare the water for flowers, it should be cold and clean. Refresh the water in the vase daily so that harmful bacteria ...
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If you order before 16:00
Delivery all over Estonia
We will send your bouquet via Cargobus and you will receive it in 1-2 days
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